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Registered Massage Therapy Surrey

Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning service that is performed with kindness for the greater good. The ethic of Seva inspires each of our practitioners to provide compassionate holistic healthcare to mind and body. As a professional massage therapy clinic Surrey, our mandate is to help people live a pain free lifestyle.

Direct Billing



Competitive Massage Therapy Rates in Surrey

Massage Therapy

  • Standard Treatment (30 min session) – $ 75
  • Standard Treatment (45 min session) – $ 95
  • Extended Treatment (60 min session) – $ 115
  • ICBC (30 min session) – $0
  • ICBC (45 min session) – $0
  • ICBC (60 min session) – $0


  • Initial Treatment- $80
  • Subsequent Treatment – $70
  • Extended Subsequent Treatment – $105
  • ICBC Initial – $0
  • ICBC Subsequent – $0
  • MSP Initial & Subsequent – $10


  • Initial Consultation (1.5 hr session) – $95
  • Subsequent (60 min session) – $75
  • ICBC (60 min session) – $0
  • Athletic Taping (10 minutes) – $10


  • Initial Visit (60 min session) – $95
  • Subsequent Visit (30 min session) – $50
  • ICBC Initial – $0
  • ICBC Subsequent: $0

Naturopathic Medicine

  • Initial Visit (75 min session) – $150
  • Subsequent Visit (30 min session) – $70


  • Initial Visit (30 min session) – $75
  • Subsequent Visit (15 min session) – $55
  • ICBC Initial – $0
  • ICBC Subsequent: $0
  • Custom Orthotics $400


Get Different Massage Therapy Services Under One Roof

We follow a strict code of ethics and are very focused on achieving optimal results in your recovery, rehabilitation, and overall good health by offering the various therapy services. Everybody is different and requires an individual approach to massage therapy treatments. This will be assessed and planned with you at your initial visit, and reassessed continually during your progress.



While we bring our own individual set of skills & personality, our practitioners share an endless passion for their work. Our mandate is to make a positive difference to your everyday life & provide the best level of qualification & professionalism.



Maintaining your physical well-being is the most important aspect of treatments. We value education, health promotion and disease/injury prevention, by working in a collaborative way to ensure maximal results in a timely and cost effective manner.



It’s our goal to make sure our patients understand their diagnosis, how to treat it, and when it’s to speak to your doctor to ensure continuity of treatment. Taking a hands-on approach to your health, we focus on one-on-one sessions in order to optimize recovery.


Meet Our Registered Massage Therapy Surrey Team

Jason Sandher, Registered Massage Therapist

Jason Sandher became a Registered Massage Therapist in 2010. His practice consists of helping his patients live a pain-free lifestyle with use of myofascial release, Swedish massage, muscle energy, trigger point release, passive/active stretching, deep tissue and relaxation techniques. Jason works with a variety of conditions, including postural and overuse injuries. He has been practicing in Surrey and Richmond and has experienced great results with patients ranging from motor vehicle accidents to amateur athletes in numerous sports. As Jason has represented the Canadian National Cricket Team, his passion is working with athletes in a wide variety of sports, aiming to prevent and cope with injuries. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family.

Jim Sahota, Chiropractor

Dr. Jim Sahota graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic while concurrently completing his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, he attended the University of Western States. Upon completion of his studies, he had the opportunity to preceptor under Dr. Stephen Sigalet, he is currently going into his 5th year as a chiropractor.  Dr. Jim has worked with people from all walks of life, from infants to the elderly, elite athletes to office workers and everything in between. His studies and practice have given him extensive experience with various conditions and the opportunity to work with other professionals to take an integrative approach to health.

Repsy Koshy, Registered Physiotherapist

Repsy graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy and in 2009 with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy. During his 14 years of experience, he had the opportunity to handle a wide variety of patients, including patients with Musculoskeletal, Orthopedic, Geriatric, Neurologic conditions. He has worked with children with various neuro-motor disorders attending mainstream schools, guiding and supervising students in community integration and was actively involved in the holistic care of his clients. Repsy has a strong background in helping patients to reach maximum physical, emotional and functional capacity to improve quality of life.

Harleen Kaur, Registered Kinesiologist

Harleen is a BCAK Registered Kinesiologist with the concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation. From the beginning she was always passionate about human biology and sports. This led her to obtain her bachelors in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. During her free time, you can find Harleen training in the gym and playing badminton. Harleen strongly believes in the power of movement and mind such that “ the body achieves what the mind believes.”

Alex Yeh, Registered Acupuncturist / RMT

Alex graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science. Afterwards, Alex proceeded to obtain an education as a Registered Acupuncturist where he graduated in 2015 from PCU College of Holistic Medicine. After working as a Registered Acupuncturist for a period of time he returned to school and graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and obtained his license as an RMT. Today Alex works as both an RMT and R.Ac. From a young age Alex was always interested in health, physiology and anatomy. He is passionate about learning new skills and integrating them into his practice, and believes that being a lifelong learner is essential to becoming a successful health care practitioner. Alex strongly believes in patient centered care and is devoted to helping patients reach their goals.

Jagdave Kalkat, Chiropractor

Dr. JD Kalkat is a chiropractor born and raised in Delta, British Columbia. Dr. Kalkat went to Simon Fraser University on an entrance scholarship, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. He then went to the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, where he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Kalkat is board certified in both Canada and the United States.

At the University of Western States, Dr. Kalkat practiced under former BC lions center, and current chiropractor, Dr. Doug Davies, whom Dr. Kalkat credits to helping him better understand sports related injuries. Dr. Kalkat enjoys dealing with all aspects of care, whether it is rehab related, or maintenance care. In particular, Dr. Kalkat likes to deal with chronic low back and neck cases, as well as sports related injuries. Dr. Kalkat’s treatment consists of using a combination of adjusting, soft tissue therapy, as well as rehab exercises and taping, in accordance with a patient’s needs. Dr. Kalkat’s goal is to help both chronic and acute patients get to pain free, optimal level of activity.

Anthony Sarai, Kinesiology

Anthony graduated from UBC from an extended degree program as he participated in the Co-op program (working as a Kinesiologist alongside his studies). He completed his Co-operative placement at Metrotown Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy where he saw patients from the age of 5-80 with varying soft tissue and Orthopaedic injuries. He worked closely with the Physiotherapists at the clinic and was responsible for prescribing injury specific exercises for patients and progress as tolerated.

He also has experience working as a Kinesiologist in the community setting where he has handled varying injuries both physical and cognitive. While in the community, Anthony often worked in tandem with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists with a variety of patient cases including joint reconstruction (i.e. ACL), car accidents, and concussion management. In addition, Anthony has participated in sports such has hockey his entire life that aids in his knowledge of injuries and recovery however, he demonstrates the patience and ability to work with varying populations and physical abilities.

He has extensive knowledge in the areas of Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Concussion Protocol and Active Health. He is currently in good standing and a Registered practicing member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists. Anthony’s athletic background and own experiences with team injuries ranging from soft tissue, orthopaedic and concussions allows him to gauge a better understanding of how to progress client programs and introduce graded activity.

Cindy Prasad, Registered Massage Therapist

Cindy Prasad graduated from WCCMT in April 2019. She has a passion for women’s health, with experience ranging from tension due to everyday routines, to the maternity ward at RCH and treating athletes at UBC and Douglas College. “I believe in being a part of the recovery process for my clients, by identifying their concerns and finding effective solutions”.

Rajan Brar, Registered Massage Therapist

Rajan is a graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. He completed the intensive 2500 hour program at the top of his class as Valedictorian. Rajan focuses on assessing the body as a whole and resolving the underlying causes of discomfort. He takes great interest in furthering his skills and knowledge by reviewing empirical research and educating patients on ways to improve their daily life activities. Some of the techniques he uses in practice are Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue techniques, stretching and movement through therapeutic exercise and homecare. In his spare time, Rajan enjoys daily exercise. From weight training and hot yoga to playing and coaching soccer, he demonstrates the importance of physical health and injury prevention.

Sandip Tumber, Registered Massage Therapist

Sandip Tumber is a Registered Massage Therapist and a graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of patients with an array of different conditions. Sandip uses the knowledge and experience she gained in school to help her provide a safe and effective treatment while working with an individual’s concerns and goals. Sandip’s focus is working with patients with neck pain and headaches. She also works closely with athletes and helps increase flexibility and decrease pain pre and post workout. Also, she see’s patients for both pre and post natal massage therapy. She is looking forward to getting her clients to a better state of wellness.

Shanta Pandey, Registered Massage Therapist

In 2015, Shanta Poudel Pandey, licensed RMT completed her competency-based registered massage therapy program from West Coast College of Massage Therapy. During her academic tenure, she got an opportunity to enhance her skills and knowledge on treating various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Shanta primarily emphasizes safe and effective treatment. She works together with patients to understand their existing condition, concerns, and expectations and then sets therapeutic goals that will help to safely treat the conditions and also prevent further injuries. Her treatment plan includes assessment, massage techniques, and home care advice. Her massage techniques include different kinds of active and passive modalities such as Swedish massage, joint mobilization, trigger point release, myofascial release, pin and stretch, neuromuscular techniques, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), deep tissue work, and hydrotherapy. Shanta is committed to ensuring professionalism and patient centered care in her service at the same time she believes that compassion and respect are also an integral part of treatment.

Rebecca Goodfellow, Acupuncturist

Rebecca Goodfellow earned her Dr. TCM, Herbalist and Acupuncturist education in Canada and is a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.) with CTCMA (Chinese Member Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia). She finished her S.A.I.T. (Society of Acupoint Injection Therapy) Certification and Sports Acupuncture Certification and enjoys continuous education to upgrade her skills for the benefit of her clients. Rebecca studied under several famous TCM Masters and doctors from China and India for several years.

Parneet Sandhu, Registered Physiotherapist

Parneet Sandhu is a registered physiotherapist with more than six years of experience; 4 years in India and two years in Canada. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from one of the most reputed universities in India and subsequently completed a Masters in Administrative Sciences in BC.

As a former international athlete with an ongoing interests in health and fitness Parneet integrates her philosophies and experiences into her physiotherapy practice. Parneet follows an evidence based treatment style and coordinates with other health professionals in circle of care in order to improve treatment outcomes. She is experienced in treating patients with a variety of conditions such as orthopaedic, neurological, work related injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation and much more.

Parneet uses her diverse skill set to empower her clients in reaching their desired goals. Parneet is also certified in Functional Dry Needling. In her free time Parneet keeps her sporting spirit alive by hiking and exploring new places.

Sukhjinder (Sam) Singh Jaggi, Physiotherapist

Sam has joined our team with 11 years of experience in this field . He did his IEPEP program from UBC and after that he did his FDN(functional dry needling) level 1 from kineta core. He has also done manual therapy courses on management of lumbo-sacral and cervico-thoracic disorders. Ranked as the best physiotherapist in chilliwack (three best rated.ca) for 3 consecutive years Sam has developed his practice with an emphasis on patient education and restorative rehabilitation. His one-on-one style of treatment ensures that his clients receive the best possible care while visiting our office, and his after-care home programs allow his clients to continue their healing independently.

Special Interests:

  • Sports injuries
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical Joint Mobilization Postural management Ergonomic Care

Mike Brion, Registered Massage Therapist

As a graduate of WCCMT and with his knowledge acquired from the program, Mike believes in the use of manual techniques along with appropriate home care to treat and prevent any further injury. Whether you are looking for therapeutic work due to injury or maintenance as a preventative measure, Mike has the knowledge to help you achieve your treatment goals.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys staying active with an interest in weight lifting and sports. Mike is an active and competitive powerlifter within the British Columbia Powerlifting Association. Mike also spent six years as a Construction Electrician and as a Auxiliary Firefighter for the city of Abbotsford. During his years of training and work, Mike had accumulated numerous injuries which caused a decrease in performance and discomfort in his daily life. This led him to seek the help of massage and other manual therapies from which he was able to feel the difference in recovery and benefits of these treatments which ultimately helped him return to activity and restore pain free living. It was from here that Mike’s interest in fitness and passion to help others that led Mike to pursue a career as a massage therapist.

Ustat Chhabra, Registered Massage Therapist

Ustat is a Registered Massage Therapist in Surrey and graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy. He has had intensive education on the treatment of muscles, and has experience in treating neck and back pain, numbness and tingling of limbs, headaches, trigger points and work and athletic injuries.

He has a passion for soccer and basketball and played for several years and has a deep understanding of the types of injuries athletes can get during high intensity sports. Ustat uses a wide variety of techniques that assess and treat your problems so he can get your body moving and feeling good!

When he is not Seva, Ustat can be found hitting the weights in the gym, playing soccer or spending time with family

We direct bill to most insurance companies, however not all insurance companies and benefit plans allow electronic billing. You can reach out to your insurance company and inquire about your plan’s procedures prior to your massage.

DIRECT BILLING SEVA Wellness is excited to announce that we are starting to offer Direct Billing to selected insurance companies. We can bill your benefits plan in real time straight from reception!! It will save you time and effort to submit your receipts to your insurance provider, and will reduce any upfront out of pocket expenses related to your treatment.

We can direct bill the following insurance companies:

  • Green Shield
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Medavie Blue Cross (RCMP, Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans Affairs)
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
  • Cowan
  • Desjardin Insurance
  • First Canadian
  • Great-West Life
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc.
  • Johnston Group Inc.
  • Manulife Financial
  • Sun Life Insurance.

We offer this service at no extra charge.

Please be aware that we can not guarantee direct billing at every appointment due to issues with individual benefits plan, problems with submission portal or clinic logistic considerations. Please be advised that for direct billing GWL, Sun Life & Manulife, we will require a credit card on file due to inconsistent insurer portal reliability.

ICBC/WCB and Extended Health Billing Options

Seva Wellness Clinic is proud to serve the Surrey and Delta areas with rehabilitation pertaining to ICBC/WCB claims. Please be sure to tell the receptionist your claim number, date of the accident, and adjustor contact information so that we can promptly process your file.

Extended Health Billing

Above you will find insurance companies that we directly bill. At Seva Wellness Clinic, as a  leading massage therapy Surrey, we are committed to providing you with seamless and efficient healthcare.

How Much Does ICBC Cover?

Effective April 1 2019

Initial Assessment Treatment (45 minutes) 100%
Standard Treatment (30 minutes) 100%
Initial Assessment Treatment (45-50 Minutes depending on location) 100%
Standard Treatment (30 minutes) 100%
Initial Assessment Treatment (30 Minutes) 100%
Standard Treatment (15 minutes) 100%


Initial Assessment Treatment (60 minutes) 100%
Standard Treatment (30 minutes) 100%

ICBC is making major changes, effective April 1 2019, to significantly improve access to treatment for people involved in MVA related accidents. This new coverage will relate to all new and existing ICBC claims. This means anyone with an open claim approved prior to April 1 2019 will benefit from these changes after April 1 2019 on any remaining treatments before their claim end date.


ICBC will NOT pay for any amounts above the new approved treatment limits. If longer treatments are requested the extra treatment fees will be at your expense and will NOT be reimbursed by ICBC as part of your settlement.
ICBC Claims only allow for one Initial Assessment during the term of the claim.
ICBC allows only one treatment claim per day per therapy type. Multiple Standard Treatments for one therapy cannot be combined on the same day to allow for longer treatments. In other words you can’t book two Standard Registered Massage Therapy treatments on the same day in order to get a 60 minute treatment.
ICBC does allow one treatment per therapy type on the same day. This means patients can book separate Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, or Active Rehabilitation treatments on the same day.
If MVA date occurred prior to April 1 2019 the total allowable treatments under the claim will not change. (see below for old treatment amounts by therapy)
ICBC does not pay for treatment No Shows or Late Cancellations. It is the patients responsibility to pay these amounts as we have reserved the treatment time specifically for you. We reserve the right to cancel all future treatments until the full amount owing is paid.

It’s important to note that our ICBC direct billing service is a courtesy service and not a guarantee that all direct billings will be approved or paid by ICBC. It remains the patients responsibility to pay for all unpaid treatments by ICBC should direct billing problems occur. Patients will be able to collect these payments directly from their ICBC adjuster.

Seva Wellness Clinic
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ma rebecca
ma rebecca
03:40 24 Nov 19
Great clinic and amazing staff! I’ve been getting massage and acupuncture treatments from Alex for a back injury. Couldn’t be happier with the treatment. Very knowledgeable therapist.
Jasmeet Sahota
Jasmeet Sahota
09:09 21 Nov 19
Seva Wellness has a great location and very professional staff. Ustat is very knowledgeable and focuses on giving quality care. He goes above and beyond expectations and makes sure there is an understanding of the treatment and the reasons behind it... and is very attentive to your needs. I would highly recommend going to see him!read more
Navreet Bola
Navreet Bola
01:04 20 Nov 19
Seva Wellness had amazing customer service, as massage therapy is new to me & they made me feel like I was taken care of! Ustat in particular made me feel comfortable, I would 1000% recommend him to family & friends!!
Justin David
Justin David
00:49 20 Nov 19
Been going to Ustat for a few massages for shoulder pain. Always left feeling refreshed and happy. Great person to go to!
Elite Multimedia Solution s
Elite Multimedia Solution s
05:19 08 Nov 19
Amazing staff, very knowledgeable, been seeing Jason this last year and he has gone above and beyond my expectations and really helped me with my hip recovery.
Sharon Sandhu Sternberg
Sharon Sandhu Sternberg
17:52 22 Oct 19
Great location with a very knowledgeable & personable group of medical professionals & reception staff. The facility is clean & well maintained with plenty of parking in the rear of the building. I especially like the Jane App for booking massage,... chiro & physio appointments, fast & convenient! I'd definitely recommend Seva to friends & family.read more
Ivy Chi
Ivy Chi
21:50 09 Oct 19
I was always scared of acupuncture until I saw Rebecca. I highly recommend Rebecca as she is incredibly knowledgeably and her calm and professional demeanor has made the experience very welcoming. I can't wait to see her again. 🙂
Simran Rattan
Simran Rattan
19:34 30 Sep 19
I have been coming and seeing Jason and Jim for my sciatica and feel 100 times better!! As soon as you walk in the clinic you are welcomed by the friendliest receptionist Mandeep, who takes time to see you are doing and how the treatments are going.... I always look forward to going in for my treatments, I would strongly recommend coming in and giving them try I promise you wont regret it!read more
mike towns
mike towns
20:53 20 Sep 19
Dr. Kamani is amazing! Compassionate, professional, kind and gentle, and he gets miraculous results fixing chronic pain. I’m getting my shoulders, knees, spine, and hips fixed (all arthritic and can’t sleep for years). I recommend you get a... referral if you’ve been suffering, and stop the pain and get some rest and energy back!!read more
21:02 12 Sep 19
I'd highly recommend anyone looking for a seriously qualified RMT such as Jason to really consider booking an appointment here. The staff here are great to deal with and the quality of care I've been given has been amazing. I've had nagging lower... back pain for months and after a few massage treatments the pain was gone. Thanks guys for all your great work here!read more
olli dickson
olli dickson
16:58 10 Sep 19
Excellent centre to recover from an injury, all staff are friendly and welcoming. Hands down made my rehabilitation that much more enjoyable. Jason does an excellent job as a therapist.
Rajan Mangat
Rajan Mangat
02:31 27 Aug 19
I came in with very tight traps, a very tight mid back, hamstrings, and quads after a soccer tournament. I was limping into the clinic and then Jason did a 45 minute massage on me and I left walking normally and the soreness had decreased... tremendously. Jason makes sure you are relaxed and puts enough tension where it does not hurt but he gets in deep enough to make a difference. I recommend him to anyone who needs a massage!!! Thanks Jason.read more
Valerie Donnelly
Valerie Donnelly
10:07 24 Aug 19
I feel very fortunate that I finally found a massage therapist who actually gives me relief from my pain. I have suffered with back pain for many years with no relief. Jason helps me relax and allows me to let go of the tension. I just recently... moved to the Fraser Valley and now drive into Surrey for an appointment to help with my pain. He is very knowledgeable and has even introduced me to other practitioners within the clinic who can also help. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. The clinic is very clean, easy to access given the parking in the rear and it's right on Scott Road.read more
Dylan Kelaart
Dylan Kelaart
21:22 16 Jul 19
I went in with a shoulder injury and within a few sessions I was feeling much better. Mihir was truly professional and always explains everything he does in detail so I always had a clear understanding of the treatment I was receiving and the... reasoning behind it. The clinic is very clean and the reception staff are super friendly as well. I would recommend this clinic to anyone without a doubt.read more
Marlene Singh
Marlene Singh
01:23 15 Jul 19
Enjoy the online booking system and very friendly staff. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
omar ali
omar ali
23:31 15 Jun 19
Amazing place with very knowledgeable staff and professionals! Always punctual and on time with clients and the place is always very clean and welcoming 🙂
Jessica Dhamrait
Jessica Dhamrait
05:15 12 May 19
Love this place! Fresh, modern & very clean. The staff are super friendly and very knowledgeable about their practices. The owner is awesome and one of the best RMTs I've ever used.
Jeff Samra
Jeff Samra
23:20 29 Apr 19
Great service & staff! Seva has really helped me regain mobility in all of my joints. Haven’t felt this energized in a long time.
jeremy gordon
jeremy gordon
04:14 27 Apr 19
The best thing about the services they offered are the people themselves. ( The place is Super clean, The staff is Very Professional and knowledgeable in their respected fields, the treatment is Amazing, seconded to none) Not only are they friendly... but very accommodating especially of your needs. They tried in the best way they can to provide you with utmost care and importance. I always feel welcomed every time I go for physiotherapy. I highly recommend Seva Wellness clinic, I promise you won’t be disappointed.read more
Gurjeet Chima
Gurjeet Chima
09:11 23 Apr 19
I’ve been in a few times to see Jason and he has helped me so much! I’ve got a pretty bad back after 5 rear enders and as I’m getting older, I feel the pain more and more. Every time I go see Jason, he’s attentive to what level of pressure... I can handle and also provides me with exercises I can do at home to keep myself limber until the next time I can come see him. As a busy professional, his care and concern is invaluable and I highly recommend this clinic overall.read more
Malkit Kalsi
Malkit Kalsi
04:16 23 Mar 19
Very experienced tharapist. Very clean. Very welcome d place. Depending on your injuries or for relaxation. Everyone should try them at least 3 times a week. Very convenient parking also a new building. I enjoyed my experience and the knowledge... received from them will stay with me. They have all types of therapy that anyone can greatly benefit from.read more
Kevin Sandher
Kevin Sandher
16:20 19 Mar 19
Seva has really helped my lower back issues that I have had since my playing days as a football player. The constant pounding I took as a quarterback has started to show as I've got older, but the chiro, massage and physio has made me stronger and... allowed me to enjoy playing with my children. I would highly recommend Seva to anyone. In addition their customer service has been outstanding.read more
Linda Nguyen
Linda Nguyen
00:01 14 Mar 19
I came to Seva Wellness after experiencing a traumatic car accident. All the staff there have really made the experience of healing a lot more bearable. I’ve been seeing both Jason (RMT) and Jim (Chiropractor) for a couple of months now, and... they’re always friendly, super approachable, and very easy to get along with. They’re mindful and empathetic when it comes to my pain and always work with me to alleviate any issues. When I tell them something, they'll also remember it the next time I see them, which makes me feel like they're actually listening to me and care about my well being. Upon entering, the day time/weekday receptionist always has a warm smile and greeting when you walk in which makes my day a little brighter. She’s also very competent and makes setting up appointments easy— this makes a huge difference when you’re dealing with ten thousand other things. I also love the way the clinic looks and feels. It’s very modern, sleek and ‘clean.’ The location is easily accessible if you’re driving. (With free parking) … Or if you’re like me and too traumatized to drive, it’s really easy to get to via transit, with busses that come every 10 minutes. Overall, all the little things that Seva Wellness does adds up and has not gone unnoticed. It truly has made the journey of healing a bit easier.read more
Terrence Singroy
Terrence Singroy
16:21 27 Jan 19
Great experience at Seva Wellness Clinic. I have had a knee issue for the better part of the year. Jason was able to help and also provided insight to treat the root cause. Highly recommend for anyone looking for general to specific treatment.
Mubashshir Zakir
Mubashshir Zakir
23:34 28 Dec 18
Jason is amazing. He is always responsive and very flexible when it comes to appointment times. Very fun to talk to while getting the massage and a great listener. In terms of the facility. It's a clean space, lots of light and just relaxing to be... in. They are in an accessible part of surrey and have easy parking. You need to go to Seva.read more
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Seva Wellness Clinic
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Rohit Jindal
Rohit Jindal
Highly Recommended. All the Therapists are very learned personalities. Staff is nice & humble too.
Lucas Pearson
Lucas Pearson
5 STARS Great new clinic in surrey!!! Jason the owner is an amazing RMT Massage therapist. I’ve been seeing him... for a couple years now after having some substantial injuries to multiple body parts. I saw him at another clinic and have followed him to his new clinic to keep getting the service I’ve come to expect. I always leave feeling more mobile. He really knows his job! I highly recommend his clinic. He’s hired new Physio therapists, Rmt’s and a new chiropractor, I look forward to trying them out also.read more
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor
I was in extreme pain constantly from my hips, back and legs. After 3 sessions, I am no longer in extreme pain, my mood... and ability to move my body have both improved significantly. Having put up with severe pain for 2 and-a-half years, Jason's treatment has been a godsend.read more
Christine Samra
Christine Samra
Jatinder Khaira Johal
Jatinder Khaira Johal