8 Massage Therapy Benefits

The Industry of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy, by all means, is the best way to relieve from bodily pain. In a world where pills, injections and oral drugs treat almost every condition you have – massage therapy is one of the healthiest ways of chasing the pain away. You do not necessarily have to be a sufferer of a chronic condition gets a massage therapy. As the industry has grown to be one of the most profit-making sectors in Canada, several people are seeking the comfort of a massage therapy session. It should not be forgotten that not every massage therapy service offers professional therapists. Being careful when you choose a massage therapy solution is mandatory, especially if you live in the Canadian area where massage therapy places have emerged in the past decade like mushrooms after rain. It is essential to know what massage therapy simply means before you wish to consult a massage therapist. It is better advised to meet your family doctor, or an experienced healthcare professional before you actually do the former.

Massage Therapy – in a Nutshell

Massage therapy simply means the manipulation of the muscles and tissues of the body. The method is an effective handling of bodily pains and a successful way of learning to manage and tolerate them. Science today proves that massage therapy restores and improves mobility, accelerates the recovery processes, manages stress and corrects the wrong bodily positions.

Different types of chronic conditions are treated with varying types of massage therapy treatments. Most of the massage therapists perform Swedish massage, which is the simple kneading and stroking of surface muscles, whereas more professional massage therapy service providers have a range of massage therapy treatments that function in different ways. Deep tissue massage which treats injuries, Arthritis and such chronic diseases, acupressure massage which focuses on the key points of the body, Thai massage which involves floor exercises are only a few of the many varieties an expert massage therapy provider would have on their list.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Believes Arthritis, joint pain, Fibromyalgia and Bursitis

Chronic health conditions are sometimes so hard to deal with that you need a break from all the ointments, pills and injections. Joint and muscle pain conditions, bone diseases like Arthritis, and joint pain conditions like Fibromyalgia which not only generates a lot of pain but also stress you out and keep you from sleeping – are tough to cure. This is when the necessity of massage therapy springs. Right after the first session of massage therapy, patients claim to feel a considerable amount of comfort and change. Improved energy levels, easy mobility and peaceful sleep, are some of the many positive changes massage therapies would do to you.

  • Relieves lower back pain

Lower back pain can be resulted by lifting heavy weights, bad postural habits and even mere walking. Whichever the cause, lower back pain shoots bolts of pain through your spine or the small of your back. Acupuncture massage is the miraculous cure for all you lower back pain sufferers because it manipulates the very muscles and joints from where the pain generates. Massage therapy specialists in Canada would also suggest exercise routines that you can do on your own.

  • Lowers high blood pressure

Blood pressure should be kept in careful balance at all times. High blood pressure is a condition most of the patients have now, which is a hindrance to most of their health conditions like pregnancy, mobility and simply everyday functionality. Massage therapy treatments have proven to help lower high blood pressure counts. This leads to a better lifestyle, and you can resume your daily work with more ease.

  • Reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue

Chronic conditions are inextricably linked to someone’s mental health. Research proves that muscle and joint pains result in severe anxiety and depression, making it harder for someone to continue with life. Massage therapy services in Canada are mainly focused on offering relaxation and consolation from the pressure of being a chronic patient. Feelings of stress and fatigue would soon wear off once you start attending massage therapy sessions at the right massage place.

  • Helps fight cancer

I would not say massage therapy cures cancer, but make a difference it definitely does. Proven case studies have shown that the majority of cancer patients have claimed they felt better emotionally, physically, psychologically and socially after undergoing continuous treatments of massage therapy. Oncology patients learn to manage their pain better, understand their symptoms better and ultimately boost their recovery better.

  • Control Diabetes

The process of controlling Diabetes is made quicker with massage therapy treatments, where the patients would be trained to exercise, maintain healthful dietary habits, control the sugar intake and maintain a healthy sleeping schedule. The hormone regulation, which would be corrected with a few sessions of massage therapy, will make you feel a lot better than before.

  • Helps stop smoking

Smoking cessation is always hard. Massage therapy teaches you so much patience and tolerance so that your attempts of refraining from smoking would see gradual success. Massage therapy keeps you relaxed, focused and rational; therefore, the suppression of craving and stress management would be more comfortable.

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  • Improves athletic performance and calms the nervous system

Massage therapy is not only about healing, but it is also about preventing the harmful consequences of injuries. If you are an athlete or a sportsperson, massage therapy improves your mobility, confidence and fitness. The blood circulation and warming up of muscles would happen accurately when you get massage therapy treatments.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy include, but are not limited to what we have listed above. Overall, a massage therapy treatment process would relieve you of your pain, improve your mobility, prevent future problems, and uplift your physical and mental confidence from a great deal. The best massage therapy places in Canada would give you a listing of their offer, and you can choose what suits your condition best after consulting your doctor first. Massage therapy treatments give human-friendly, effective results with zero side effects.

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