Different Back Pain Conditions, and How Massage Therapy Helps

///Different Back Pain Conditions, and How Massage Therapy Helps

Different Back Pain Conditions, and How Massage Therapy Helps

In certain cases of back pain, massage therapy proves itself to be a better treatment than other medicine. Sometimes, doctors recommend it as a side dish to other medications. However, there are some conditions where massage therapy is famous for working.

Muscle strain – Lower back

Lower back pain may occur due to many reasons, some occasional, like sudden strains, quick wrong movements and lifting of heavy objects in the wrong positions. If else, lower back pain could also occur due to wrong health patterns like long-term mistakes in posture. Due to any or many of the above reasons, lower back pain could occur to give you a lot of pain. This might happen in various ways like sudden jolts of pain shooting frequently through your back from time to time, or continuous aching in the lower back area for hours, weeks or even months.

  • Cure – Through massage therapy, the strained muscles of the lower back can be put back in place. The irritated muscle would be relaxed, and the therapist’s hands could work their way like magic into improving the motion of muscles.

Muscle strain – upper back

Though not so common as lower back pain, upper back muscle pain is also a painful form of back pain. Upper back pains can be resulted through wrong workout sessions, sports injuries, automobile accidents that cause high pressure to the upper torso, tearing of muscle tissue or recurring motions.

  • Cure – This type of straining can generally be cured by applying deep yet gentle pressure to the upper body. It can help to diminish the spasm or mend the tearing of tissue.


backpain treatments

backpain treatments

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder. The patient might feel overall pain, tenderness an occasional stiffness of his/her back muscles. These patients would also often have headaches, extreme weariness and difficulty in sleeping. Why massage therapy could benefit this disorder very well, is that it can specifically target the tender and stiff spots, while relieving the whole area of the back. In other words, it can do an overall job while focusing on the stiffer muscles.


Osteoarthritis/spinal arthritis is the degeneration of cartilage in the spine, that causes stiffness and severe pain in the back joints. Therapeutic massage is the tailor made massage technique to cure spinal arthritis, because it applies gentle pressure on the muscles to reduce muscle tension. Notable: you have to consult a massage therapist who has special experience and knowledge in dealing with arthritic patients.

Best Types of Massage Therapy to Treat Back Pain

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy:

Lower and upper back pains, postural problems, neck and shoulder blade pains are high up on the list of conditions DTM can cure. Deep tissue massage technique manipulates deeper layers of human body, starting from a gentle pressure to build up into stronger strokes that work their way through the skin to the deeper muscles. This is exactly the ideal treatment for severe back pain. The muscles would feel a bit sore just after the massage, but the pain would soon subside.

Swedish Massage Therapy:

Swedish massage technique is not as intense as DTM. This is basically similar to kneading a pizza dough, where they apply long glidings strokes to the muscles. This is more suitable for common soreness and stiffness of lower and upper backs, resulted by sudden spasms, normal or subnormal injuries.

Neuromuscular Therapy:

Seemingly, Neuromuscular therapy looks the same as Deep Tissue Therapy. But there are major differences. Neuromuscular therapy is more of a medical therapy. While DTM takes care of the whole area concerned, NTM focuses on one particular spot that gives pain. Neuromuscular therapy causes a little amount of pain while being done, and the massage therapist keeps close communication with the patient to know his/her pain scale so as to control pressure. This technique would work best on severe, larger scale injuries and chronic disorders.

Tips for Safety

Even though massage therapy works well for back pain, it is necessary to consult a doctor before you decide to have it, specially if your injury or condition is more than a normal back pain. Massage therapy treatments for back pain usually expand upto weeks or sometimes even months, therefore it is highly recommended to consult a medical personnel beforehand. After you do, find a specialized massage therapy professional for best results.