The Benefits of Holistic Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a form of medicine that has been in use for centuries in different cultures. It has been used mainly for physical wellbeing throughout the time and also for mental wellbeing. From people with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain to people with sports injuries and people who require posture corrections seek for massage therapy sessions in order to cure their pain and also to receive at least some short term relief.
There are several types of Massage Therapy and three main types of them are Holistic Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and Swedish Massage Therapy. Swedish Massage Therapy is a common practice where massage therapy is about using firm pressure when giving massage therapy services. Deep Tissue Massage techniques are used to reach the deep layers of muscles. In this form of massage therapy, heavier pressure is put into the massaging by the massage therapists. Holistic Massage Therapy is a little different from the previous two as it can be seen as a combination of several massage therapy forms. It is said that when giving a holistic massage therapy, a massage therapist utilizes Ayurvedic massage techniques, deep tissue massage techniques, heat therapy techniques, fascia work techniques and many more. And also, what makes Holistic Massage Therapy more unique is how it does not give major attention to physical wellbeing. A person can be only presented as a healthy person if he or she is having all his or her being healthy, meaning the wellbeing of physical aspects, mental aspects, spiritual aspects and emotional aspects, all these. Holistic Massage gives equal attention to the wellbeing of all these aspects of a person.

What techniques to use when?

If a person with a sports injury who has been said that he or she can never play the sport they love again comes to a massage therapy session, the massage therapist who is aware of the situation can choose to give a holistic massage instead of using only some deep tissue techniques. One of the major benefits of massage therapy is how the massage therapist has the ability to give both physical and mental relief to the patient with the abundance of available techniques. However, it is important to use the correct technique required for the case. Using deep tissue massage techniques for a person who requires posture correction due to a mental disadvantage is not efficient. Giving a massage which is good for back pain to a person with shoulder pain is not what has to be done. Thus it is important to know about the variations and the use of each massage therapy form.

Holistic Massage Therapy

Focusing on Holistic Massage Therapy, it is a form of Massage therapy where the massage therapist attempts to make an equilibrium in a person, to further explain there the massage therapy session is done with the expectation of making the whole being of the person healthy. The wellbeing for physical components of the person, the wellbeing of the mental wellbeing of the person, the wellbeing of spiritual components of a person and the wellbeing of the emotional components of the person, all these are considered and brought into the massage therapy session. As mentioned above, in Holistic massage therapy, techniques from many massage forms are used including deep tissue massage techniques.

Benefits of Massage Therapy; focus on Holistic Massage Therapy

Benifits of holistic massage therapy

The most prominent benefit of Massage Therapy is that it reduces pain. Whether it is neck pain, shoulder pain, or a pain coming from a sports injury, registered massage therapists have the knowledge to do the massage therapy session to at least alleviate the pain. Massage Therapy is the most popular medication people use for better circulation inside the body and for better flow of nerves. It has been found that massage therapy helps to ameliorate the conditions of the skin, making the skin healthier and attractive.
Massage Therapy is said to be good for patients with blood pressure issues as it aids to lower blood pressure. It is a common scene to see patients taking treatments for various conditions are directed by their doctors to massage therapists as massage therapy is good for the immune system as it boosts the system. With the relief given by massage therapy, a person can act more flexibly as massage therapy improves mobility and flexibility of a person. Massage therapy is also a good method for balancing the digestive system. Whether it is a sore muscle, problems of breathing or a case of high inflammation, a well-experienced massage therapist has the potentiality to treat that condition.
Moving from physical conditions benefited from massage therapy, through types of massage like Holistic massage therapy, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits are also derived. Massage therapy sessions are booked by more and more patients with mental issues. Holistic massage can help people with depression and anxiety. Even though massage therapy is not entirely capable of healing the mental conditions, it is capable of easing the tension and giving mental clarity not only for the two above mentioned mental issues but for many others. Sleep is an essential factor for a human being. Massage Therapy is used by many massage therapists to improve the sleep patterns of patients who have issues concerning sleep.

Benefiting from Holistic Massage Therapy

Thus it clear that Massage Therapy, especially Holistic Massage Therapy is a much important medical practice that gives benefits to the whole being of the person. The Massage Therapist also has to improve himself/herself with the constant search of knowledge, practice of techniques and getting their capabilities and potentials tested from the institutions available in their areas. A massage therapist who is well practiced and having well-developed physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components in themselves are more able to give better massage therapy services to their patients. It is important how Holistic massage therapy has given attention to giving relief to mental pains as well as bodily pains as in the competitive world of today, people are prone to mental issues as much as physical issues.

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