Custom Made Orthotics And Braces

Custom made orthotics are not an oddity anymore. If you are patient of bunions or osteoarthritis, we are sure that you have come across the subject at least once. This proven method of healing is recommended by healthcare professionals all over the world. The basic science behind this device is to support the foot and ankle to retain proper anatomic regulation. With this added help, you will be able to alleviate bodily pain.

All About Custom Orthotics

Custom-made to adapt to the body formation of each individual, these are biomechanical devices in the shape of the insoles of your feet. The biomechanical study revolves around the bodily functions of humans, especially the muscle strength and gravitational force that forms and changes the human skeletal structure. When your feet are not properly aligned, there is too much tension placed on the muscles and joints, making it painful. Custom Made Orthotics can help your feet stay aligned during locomotion. As the biomechanics orthotics and bracing are individually designed to suit your feet, they will acutely and accurately address the set of issues you have as a patient.

Types Of Customized Orthotics

Here at Seva Wellness, you will get the assistance of a skilled chiropractor Surrey. Depending on your condition, there are three main types of custom made orthotics to get:


Made of rigid and semi-rigid materials, this is basically about correcting the placement of your feet. With each step and movement, functional orthotics will adjust the positioning of your feet in order to maintain body balance and easy locomotion.


Unlike functional orthotics, these are made of either flexible or semi-flexible material. Accommodative types are commonly used to treat arthritis. This will get your strained joints and muscles of your foot to eventually loosen up.


Patients with feet that have intermittent formations can benefit largely from using therapeutic orthotics. The irregularity will be corrected through the provision of better strength, heel support, and proper movement.

A lot of work goes into custom made orthotics. They are personalized to fit into your feet, taking the feet imprints, shoe size, and bone structure into consideration. The specialty of custom made orthotics is that you will not feel uncomfortable wearing them. For example, if you have an anterior pelvic tilt, wearing a brace with regular therapeutic treatments will give you the best results. Without any degree of discomfort, you will be able to experience much less joint and muscle strain.

Steps of Creating Bespoke Orthotics


Any responsible multidisciplinary clinic in Surrey will first cast the patient’s foot. After scrutinizing its structure, formation, and alignment; our physiotherapists will diagnose the issue. Every detail will be measured and written down. After inquiring about your style of living and activity schedules, the casting process will begin.

This is actually a very easy, no-stress method. You will sit or lie down and stay still in a relaxed position, while our professionals apply the wet plaster around the foot. After 5-10 minutes, you will be free to move. The hardened plaster will dislodge easily and will sit for a whole day so that the drying process is complete. Afterward, the customized mold of your foot will be received by a trusted and authorized biomechanics orthotics and bracing lab.


Custom Orthotics

The cast will then be sent to an orthotics lab where it will be made into a custom orthotic device. After studying the materials, accessories, and tools prescribed by the first lab, the manufacturing will start. After being pressed on a plastic or graphite surface under high heat, the orthotics will be finished off with a healthily comfy material as its cover. Regardless of being super easy to wear, your orthotics will be extremely strong.


With a firm base and a cushioned cover, your custom made orthotics will be a balanced blend of rigidity and comfort. Polypropylene and graphite are mostly used as the materials for orthotic bases because of their great durability, litheness, and strength. Thus, the stressful motions and strains will be successfully alleviated, but you would not feel a single bit of pain. The reason for this hurt-free effect is the cushioning material, usually made of silicone, ethylene-vinyl acetate, or neoprene. The final product will be a marvel, and we will let you know when to collect it from our multidisciplinary clinic in Surrey.

How Can I Get Customized Orthotics?

The first and foremost requirement is a prescription. A general medical practitioner is qualified to prescribe orthotics if you are not visiting a physiotherapist at present.
Some people are hesitant to get custom made orthotics because of their price. Of course, there are cheap orthotics sold in drugstores that are readily available. However, they offer little to no help, and you will probably end up worsening the situation by wearing a cheap, incompatible pair. The extra cost is definitely worth it because of the great quality of life it guarantees. As a licensed Massage Therapy Surrey, Seva Wellness Clinic vouches for your safety and wellbeing by creating excellent customized orthotics just for you.

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