• Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Benefits

    Why Deep Tissue Massage?

    Nothing makes up for a bad day than good music, coffee and a relaxing nap on a chilly evening. However, did you ever once stop to think, that a good massage, delivered by the right person – could not only make you feel a lot better but also could perk your mood up for at least a week to come? If you are just one tired human soul, or an athlete, or a person recovering from an injury or illness – this would feel so equally heavenly. Deep tissue massage technique is one of the most popular massage techniques all over the world, that first originated in ancient Egypt. In the western world, it was Canadians who initiated to use this method before it spread over to the USA and other parts of the globe.

    What is DTM?

    Deep Tissue Massage is a manipulation of the deep layers of tissue in the human body. How it differs from other massage techniques like Swedish Massage and Acupressure, is that the pressure applied in DTM (Deep Tissue Massage) is much deeper, yet slow and firm. If ever a regular spa offers the massage, do not ever go. That would be because this massage therapy is permitted only to be carried out by a registered massage therapist (RMT), provided that the channel of service is registered under the proper law. This is exactly why you can completely count on Deep Tissue Massages without second thoughts!

    How Does It Work?

    First off, it is essential to find a well-trained registered massage therapist, because some therapists perform deep tissue massages with only a basic understanding. An accredited therapist could guarantee a better massaging experience for you. After you find a qualified deep Tissue masseur/masseuse, he/she would instruct you to lay on your back or stomach in one position. After that he/she would apply gentle yet deeply penetrating slow strokes of pressure to targeted areas of your torso, specially places where pain lingers like the lower back, neck, hips and shoulders. This method is a bit different from the Swedish massage technique where long strokes would be applied in a gliding motion, whereas here the pressure is imploring and lingering. The deep tissue massage would start off with a very gentle, feathery pressure to ultimately build up into stronger and deeper vibes. By the time you will start to really feel the force of fingers, your muscles would be just about warmed up to tune with it. If you feel all euphoric and happy during the massage for no apparent reason, just close your eyes and yield to it. This might be your mental stress washing away and serotonin and oxytocin (the happy hormones)  taking its place.

    The massage therapist would use his/her fingertips, elbows, forearms and knuckles, depending on the pressure that needs to be put in the area of manipulation. You would be asked to breathe deeply and relax your body so that you would not feel any discomfort while the therapist works on the edgy areas. Even if you are not asked, please do that so you would feel more at ease.

    Does deep tissue massage hurt?

    It is common that you would feel a little stiff and sore, similar to what you feel when you plop into bed after a long tiresome hike. Just after the massage, you would feel a bit achy and this would last no longer than two days maximum. Nonetheless, that, if you feel considerable pain DURING the massage, do NOT grit your teeth and let the massage therapist crush you to death! Talk to the therapist, because this is not a court order for torture. The therapist will either readjust the technique or try to work more slowly and patiently into easing up your tense muscles. But if the pain continues, tell your therapist to stop and meet a doctor.

    What benefits do you get from Deep Tissue Massage?

    This massage can be beneficial in several possible ways. Mainly DTM focuses on easing up muscle tension, relieving tissue and muscle pain and speeding the recovery process of injuries. To be more specific, DTM has the magical power to cure conditions such as;

    • Lower and upper back pains
    • Postural problems
    • Neck and shoulder pains
    • Tennis elbow
    • Limited mobility
    • Osteoarthritis pains
    • Sciatica
    • Repetitive strain injury
    • Piriformis syndrome
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Injury recovery

    Though not clinically proven, studies done pragmatically hold evidence to the fact that deep tissue massage has worked miraculously in the above conditions. DTM also lowers high blood pressure and stress. It would help increase your blood circulation, and reduce anxiety. Let us say you are an athlete who used to perform so well but is now on low performance because of rigid muscles, tension or tissue damage. A deep tissue massage is what you instantly need! Studies prove that this type of massage can also decrease labour pain and make delivery easier for pregnant ladies.

    You will feel an immediate improvement in your ranges of motion after a DTM. The soreness of the muscles being deeply pressured will pass soon. Then you will feel a great deal of comfort and fitness! And as for the pain, don’t worry. You will live with it.

    Precautions and safety

    Most important of all is to pre-consult a doctor if you have blood clots or have a risk of developing blood clots because they have a tendency of displacing themselves after a DTM. Also if you are pregnant, just after surgery, wounded, bruised or have conditions like osteoporosis and hernia, better consult a doctor! Simply speaking, if you have any extreme medical conditions, you have to talk to a doctor first. They would most definitely not recommend deep tissue massage if you are under circumstances that would make it difficult to tolerate muscle pressure. But they would lead you to several other options.

    Keep in mind that a massage does not have to be painful. If you need to get the most out of your massage, visit the best massage therapy Surrey, always communicate with the RMT so that it would not end up being a  disappointment. Happy relaxing!!!

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