Is It Better To Go To The Chiropractor Before Or After A Back Massage?

Wellness is not something that comes off of one session of therapy, one dose of pills, or one round of exercise. There are multiple ways of feeling better, and there are several aspects and approaches to each method. Chiropractic therapy Surrey and massage therapy Surrey can be considered as two main approaches among all. With the wider exposure available now for physical and mental wellness services including special mental-health therapy, sports therapy, and family wellness therapy, it is quite important to know the order in which the treatments need to be given throughout the duration.

Specifically speaking, Chiropractic therapy Surrey and massage treatment Surrey are both popular services our clients benefit from. The questions of whether one is better than the other, whether both can be performed on the same day, and which of the two should be performed first can definitely be answered. It is all a matter of asking the right person.

How To Figure Out?

Seva Wellness is a registered chiropractic therapy Surrey that offers a variety of therapeutic wellness services. These basic revelations will help you figure out how to combine your massage therapy and chiropractic treatments in the most safely effective way possible.

Chiropractic Treatment First

For low to normal neck and back pain, the best path to follow is from adjustment first to massage therapy second. As a registered chiropractor, the initial adjustments done by our professionals will help ease any strains and stiffness in your joints, preparing the body to get a message that will give optimum relaxation. The motion range of joints will be increased as a result of chiropractic therapy.
Unless the muscles and joints are not loosened up initially, you will possibly have to sit through the upcoming massage biting your lip in discomfort.

Massage Therapy First

The tables turn if the reason for your visit to our pain clinic in Surrey is more than just a mild pain. Severe tightness of muscles and joints, mental stress, and uneasiness can be treated effectively by following a simple yet relaxing massage session prior to adjustment. A deep tissue massage can be used successfully to alleviate the initial stress and vehement pain. The method of effleurage, commonly known as the circular motion of stroking; proves to be an efficient preparatory technique for proper chiropractic therapy Surrey.

As the basic duty of a registered chiropractor is to manipulate the musculoskeletal system by applying pressure through hands, a relaxing massage that will ease the tension in both the mind and the body is definitely a great coping mechanism. In mild cases of bodily pain, we often recommend massage services followed by chiropractic services on the same day, for it could be quite inconvenient to arrange a second visit for an easily treatable issue.

Coordinate Your Back Massage And Chiropractic Therapy Surrey

Even if a chiropractic treatment would complement the task of an RMT in Surrey and vice versa, there are quite some perks in getting them done on two different days.

This is because the effects of the two therapeutic techniques could sometimes be mutually exclusive. A registered chiropractor Surrey guides you towards a stretch reflex that results in quick muscle relaxation. What an RMT does is to provide the same relaxation, just with a very different approach. The ischemic-presses that are done in deep tissue massage encourage the blood flow and lead to relaxation. The two means may have the same effect but would invalidate the other when mismanaged.

This is exactly why the chosen multidisciplinary clinic to provide well-trained assistance and individual care on each of your issues. By choosing to visit a wellness clinic that provides both massage and chiropractic therapy Surrey, you are choosing to not put yourself in a position where the effects of one treatment may cancel out the effects of another. Based on your preference as well as the condition you are in, our experts can decide which treatments would suit first and suit better. The same goes for our sports therapy division, where great attention needs to be paid at all times on how the patient’s injury needs to be treated for a quick yet lasting recovery to happen.

The Combination Works Great

In any case, the blend of chiropractic and massage treatments will always give better results than when only one of them is performed. The order of treatment and the gap between each session can vary based on the type of condition, the preference of the patient, and the time they can spare at the wellness clinic. As a registered chiropractor Surrey, Seva Wellness is dedicated to offering you the best option without putting your time, money, and health at risk.

Chiropractic care and massage therapy are two of the most requested services in our clinic, making our teamwork easier to find the best strategies for both areas. We guarantee you complete therapeutic healing for the most affordable rates in Surrey.

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