Lordosis Treatments And Massage Therapy

Living With Hyperlordosis

Lordosis Position

Hyperlordosis was literally the worst part of my life. Living with a widely misunderstood physical condition for years was no fun, but finding a proper cure was even more stressful. If you are suffering from Hyperlordosis, you will instantly know what I am talking about.

Lordosis And Massage Therapy

Before we get into discussing the methods of Lordosis treatments, it will be useful to observe what Muscular Hyperlordosis is. The condition is common yet often not correctly identified.

Hyperlordosis is colloquially known as “duck-butt” or “sway-back”. These informal names illustrate the protruding anterior that results due to the condition. However, the scientific background of it needs to be studied deeper.

Hyperlordosis is when the curve of the lumbar spine becomes overly dented and excessively protruding. The pelvis is tilted outwards in an awkward position, causing lower back pain and discomfort.

Which Muscles Cause Pain?

Sitting on the same spot for a long period of time can cause a person’s tensor fascia lata, iliacus and psoas major to tighten. In simpler English, long sits will make your front hip muscles stiffen up. The result of this will be an unsettling downward pull at your pelvis. You will feel your hip muscles pulling like this when you attempt standing up after being seated for long. As a result of the pull, your abs (rectus abdominis and such) and hamstrings (biceps, semimembranosus, semitendinosus, femoris) will wear out. This weakening of muscles and tightening of hip flexors will pass it down to the lower back muscles, making them tight as well.

What I experienced was more than just mild stiffness. It was almost impossible for me to stand up without grabbing onto something. I know there are worse cases of Hyperlordosis. However tolerable or severe your condition is, ignoring will only make it worse. The pain will usually start off slow, but you will feel it intensifying with time. Therefore, sitting down for long hours is one of the major reasons a person would get Hyperlordosis.

Would Massage Therapy Help?

To answer the question; yes it does.

But it cannot be done by any ordinary massage therapist you will bump into. An expert hand is needed to manipulate those hip flexors of your body. If done by an inexperienced therapist, this kind of massage can make you wince in great pain.

Lordosis Exercise

Luckily for me, registered massage therapists at Seva Wellness Clinic in Surrey knew what they were doing.

My Healing Story

When I first stepped in, I was sure that this kind of pain was only partially healable, if at all. However, the experienced massage therapists took me by surprise.

In the beginning, the deep massaging techniques reaching the inguinal region of the body felt very strange. Hyperlordosis treatments are painful and weirdly uncomfortable at first. This is very normal because tightened muscles cause a considerable amount of pain when they loosen up. When the sessions proceeded with cross-fiber friction and deep palpation, my hips started to feel as light as butterfly wings.

It felt so good that I found it hard to recall the pain I had gone through before being treated.

Additionally, lordosis treatments also help the proper function of the sacroiliac joint. Thus if you are a patient of sciatica, this treatment will offer a miraculous solace.

The hypertonic state of your lower back muscles will cause mild pain during treatment too, but it will be easier to handle. After therapy, my lower back muscles felt a thousand times better. Being a patient for several years, I cannot stress enough how great I felt after treatments. Seva Wellness Clinic in Surrey is one of the places that offer highly effective massage therapy services in all of Canada. Visiting them was truly a life-changing experience for me.

Massage Therapy For Hyperlordosis

As a registered medical practice in the world, massage treatment does wonders to heal your bodily pain. Before I sought help from a registered massage clinic, I was experiencing great pain due to hyperlordosis. There are many who suffer from similar pain, still unaware of the miraculously positive results lordosis treatments bring. I believe it is mandatory to do your research before you hire a clinic in Surrey, or anywhere else for that matter.

Speaking from experience, I recommend places that employ registered massage therapists who are authorized to practice therapy for medical conditions. They are different from any ordinary masseuse in a spa who uses massages for relaxation. A clinic that addresses deeper medical concerns will be able to cure you of your hyperlordosis. A professional like Seva Wellness will also introduce you to effective exercising and posture correction routines. These will help you prevent the problem from returning.

Contact Seva Wellness Clinic right away if you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your joints and muscles.

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