RMT In Surrey For Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Motor vehicle accident Injuries have risen to be one of the deadliest activities in today’s day and age. Sadly, they cause a large number of deaths and injuries that occur daily. The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that nearly 1.35 motor vehicle accident fatalities are reported per annum from around the world. 

In the Canadian context, there have been 110,000 accidents reported just for the year of 2018, out of which nearly 1800 accidents resulted in at least one death. This is why the consequences of motor vehicle accidents are considered to be terrifying. 

More often than not, we come across a significant number of people who sustain injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Most of these injuries are diverse, and their repercussions may differ from one person to another. However, there are several common injuries that we witness when it comes to vehicle accidents.

rmt in surrey for motor vehical injuries

Victims of Motor vehicle accident Injuries

When it comes to motor vehicle accident Injuries, whiplash is considered the most common injury that health professionals often encounter. Whiplash is caused when a person’s head or neck is abruptly moved in a car accident. They are extremely painful and can obstruct the movement of the injured.

The most severe vehicle accident injuries are those that affect a person’s head or skull. Head injuries generally lead to concussions, skull fractures, and they can also disturb a person’s vision. Headaches and dizziness are common side effects experienced by a concussed person.

Furthermore, neck injuries, chest injuries, herniated disks, and blunt force trauma are also considered to be some of the most frequent motor vehicle accident injuries. Do note that blunt force trauma may also lead to lung collapses and broken ribs. 

In addition to the above, there are many more injuries that are witnessed in the injured. Regardless of the type of injury, it is always encouraged to follow a versatile course of treatment. This is why we often recommend the following types of treatment for those suffering from motor accident injuries.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Osteopathy treatment

How does an injured person benefit from Massage Therapy?

Not all side effects and consequences of a motor vehicle accident injury are immediate. Some of these effects may surface only after a certain period of time, which is why massage therapy is recommended to patients. We often witness patients who suffer from headaches, stiffness, prolonged pain, and also restricted movement. Massage therapy Surrey helps control the impact of such effects and enhances the recovery process of the patients. Even research has established that patients who often avoid medical intervention end up suffering from degenerative disc disease. 

Being a leading RMT in Surrey, ICBC massage therapy has proven to be very effective in speeding up the patient’s recovery and improving mobility and flexibility while also controlling their pain levels. Massage therapy can also minimize the long term impacts caused by vehicle accidents such as migraine and chronic pains. 

Moreover, massage therapy Surrey also enhances the patient’s healing process as exercise improves the circulation of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the injuries. Each activity performs by our RMTs in Surrey intends to serve a particular purpose with the ultimate goal of improving the patient’s mobility and functions. Such treatment plays a significant role in preventing the need for surgeries. 

Did you also know that our ICBC massage therapy is designed to help people who are yet suffering from old motor vehicle accidents? Our therapy courses are very effective in restoring functions, improving movement, and also easing pain. 

Therapists in our RMT in Surrey team are also well-skilled in treating those who suffer from vertigo as a result of a motor vehicle accident. They are experts in diverse therapy areas, and they practice a multitude of therapy techniques such as ultrasound, targeted massage, stretching, and ice and cold therapy. Worry not, the non-invasive nature of our RMT in Surrey ensures that the patients would not have to ingest extreme pain controllers after their sessions. 

rmt in surreyICBC injury treatment plans

The ICBC injury treatment plans ensure that those affected by motor vehicle accidents have access to the necessary courses of treatment. The plan comprises the following treatments that are valid for 12 weeks from the date of the accident.

  1. 12 RMT treatments
  2. 25 physiotherapy sessions
  3. 25 chiropractic treatments
  4. 12 acupuncture treatments

Hence, if you are suffering from ICBC injuries, do contact us without any further delay. Our massage therapists are more than ready to evaluate your situation and come up with the best-suited plan of treatment that would ensure a fast, quality recovery. After all, it is always better to seek treatment before it is too late. 

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