Physiotherapy For Stroke Patients


Some twenty years ago, heart and brain strokes were a rarity – and whoever got one was considered incredibly unlucky. Nevertheless now with the increasing bad food and lifestyle habits, strokes have become rather a common issue. Old, middle-aged and young ones alike are prone to sudden strokes that take them by surprise the first time, and most probably would take their life away in failure to hospitalize immediately. When Thrombosis strikes, the disruption caused to the muscular system would cause considerable difficulties to the patients even after medication. The disability and immobility resulted by strokes can be restored to better health with several rehabilitation techniques.

 Physiotherapy, after all, has been one of the most trusted methods to restore lost energy. It is one of the greatest physical workout systems that would not tire the patient to bits, but would give excellent results regardless of the stage of disability you are in. If you are wondering whether you are eligible for physiotherapy treatments after the stroke and which physiotherapy treatment to take, Physiotherapy Surrey offers great service to answer all your questions and take responsibility of curing you through quality physiotherapy massages.


Most of the time, stroke results in full or partial paralysis. Physiotherapy is a special technique of manipulating and stimulating the muscles in order to improve mobility. The paralyzed limbs would take quite long to be repaired; physiotherapy massage is the safest way to deal with sensitive tissue in the body, especially after a stroke. The side-effects of oral medication, injections and operations would be too risky for patients who had just been struck by thrombosis. Surrey physiotherapists recommend a thorough medical checkup and a closely inspected prescription of a healthcare specialist prior to starting physiotherapy massage sessions for you.

EXPERT ADVICE :- As a post-stroke patient, you should understand that any reluctance to start treatment from the Surrey physiotherapists part is not because they are any less talented, but because you have just faced stroke which is one of the most critical medical conditions humans know. Thereby the wisest thing would be to consult a healthcare professional before you decide to go for physiotherapy massages. Physiotherapy Surrey never starts treatment without checking your condition first, and we make sure that stress or pressure would not be inflicted upon you while doing the exercises. A good physiotherapy massage always takes it on a slow pace, and opts for a gradual development rather than a quick recovery.

MAINTAIN ROUTINES :- Success in physiotherapy totally depends on the schedule. To recover quickly and completely, Surrey physiotherapists would advise you to stick to the daily routine so that the muscles would be trained for stimulation. Surrey physiotherapists suggest constant, uninterrupted exercise routines for you to practice doing. This is the key to the success of any physiotherapy method. How often you should get physiotherapy massages is normally decided with regard to the stage of your disability, but the recommended exercises are mostly scheduled on a daily basis. Most of them are homework; which means you have to do them daily for a given period of time.

MOTIVATION AND POSITIVITY :- If you are a stroke patient looking for physiotherapy Surrey, just remind yourself that you are not in this alone. There are several other post-stroke patients who were cured by Surrey physiotherapists, and all of them did it by positively trusting physiotherapy to be the savior. Your mentality after the stroke is one of the major factors that decide the success or failure of the treatment. Our Surrey physiotherapists do a great job not only in giving quality physiotherapy massages, but also in uplifting the self-esteem of patients and keeping them focused on the goal of healing themselves.

ALLOW THE DIFFERENCES :- Surrey physiotherapists working with us would never expect miracles off you. Sometimes physiotherapy can seem challenging because most families expect their post-stroke family members to start functioning like he/she used to do after a few physiotherapy massage sessions. Surrey physiotherapists we have would interact with your family, let them know your strengths and weaknesses, and analyze the progress you make every day. Physiotherapy performed by us does not expect you to behave normal in the first few weeks. (or months, depending on how serious the condition is) you can take it slow and that is okay. Physiotherapy takes time, and what most movies show about using physiotherapy to recover miraculously right after paralysis; is just hokum.


physiotherapy clinic in surreyPhysiotherapy Surrey has been the new topic of interest, because several post-stroke sufferers have already reaped amazing results after getting their much-awaited physiotherapy massages done. But do not fool yourself into believing that a few sessions of physiotherapy massages could make you feel normal. The process of physiotherapy is time-consuming and has a lot of exercise methods that involve your active participation. But many post-stroke patients have claimed that they started to feel a difference right after the first physiotherapy session. As experts in physiotherapy Surrey, we know by experience that this is true. Most Surrey physiotherapists have treated their patients so well that physiotherapy has not only relieved them of their physical pain but also improved their personality, tolerance and confidence levels.

 As a stroke paralyzes a human either partially or completely, the aftermath of it would not be limited to where it was projected; the heart or the brain. Sometimes, it can be a mental breakdown so immense that the negativity itself would complicate the immobility of the patients. Surrey physiotherapists understand the physical and psychological characteristics of a port-stroke patient, and would treat each of them with individual care. Physiotherapy Surrey had seen a lot of patients, and we would have a physiotherapy massage routine custom designed for you; based on your current medical condition. Physiotherapy massages do zero harm to you, because it involves no radiation, no oral medication, and no operations. Surrey physiotherapists would always use only the safest methods, equipment and professional techniques to cure you.

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