• Sciatica and Massage Therapy


    Sciatica is the longest nerve in the human body, extending from the end of the spinal cord towards the leg through the buttocks. When irritated, this nerve can cause a fair amount of pain that results in difficult sitting, walking, and sleeping. The sciatic pain generates around the small of your back, shoots down the buttocks to meet the knees. If you are having this pain, you need to know about sciatica massage. This type of pain can come in mild, moderate, and severe forms. Sometimes the pain starts real tender and grows till you cannot move your muscles to walk anymore. The sciatic nerve is easily irritable. The reasons can vary from the wrong posture, lifting heavy objects, inflammation or swelling of the nerve, diseases like spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, osteophyte, injury, infection, or mere pregnancy. Once begun, sciatica pain lasts from days to months. In normality, it subsides within two weeks. But if the pain persists, it should be dealt with before the condition develops into a major problem.


    Sciatic pain diagnosis is done by health care specialists, depending on the symptoms the patient displays. Diagnosis is usually done based on the medical history of the patient and his/her records and experience about the pain. Scans and x-rays are taken when needed, to complete the diagnosis of sciatic pain. You might dismiss sciatic pain as hip pain, leg pain, or buttock pain because sciatica sometimes deceives patients by forming around the hips and buttocks to feel that way. Lower back pain is a common form of sciatic pain. Even when it comes to lower back pain, it is better to get it diagnosed correctly to direct yourself towards correct treatment.


    Once diagnosed, sciatica should be treated with extra care because one wrong move could easily worsen the situation. For instance, while lying down can ease up the pain, bending at the hips can irritate the sciatic nerve more. Even Though sciatic pain is also relieved using general medications, exercise, and internal treatment, sciatica massage therapy is proved to be one of the easiest and harmless techniques of treating it. Sciatica massage therapy, basically, works with almost anything. Oral medicine comes with a lot of side effects, so sciatica massage is the most naturally advantageous way to relieve sciatic pains. Yet, sciatic pain relief cannot be gained through ordinary massaging methods. In other words, a massage that chases the day’s stress out of you cannot be performed as a cure for sciatic pain. Therefore it is necessary to know which kind of massage therapy services suits a sciatic patient best.

    • Deep tissue massage therapy
    • Neuromuscular Therapy
    • Myofascial Release
    • Sciatica Massage Therapy

    1. Deep tissue massage therapy

    Deep tissue massage is the manipulation of deep layers of tissue in the human body using slow yet firm pressure. A deep tissue massage should only be performed by an accredited registered massage therapist. Deep tissue massage works on many serious irritations and tensions in muscles because it travels directly through the skin to reach the deep layers of tissue. Nerve irritation is usually caused because of nerve knots, swellings, and clumps. A deep tissue massage straightens the muscles out, untangling the knots nerves in a slow but successful process. But patients with blood clots or the risk of having blood clots should not undergo DTM for sciatic pain, because once displaced, blood clots can end up being a disaster.

    The deep tissue massage technique is a bit painful in the beginning. Squeezing already sore tissues can hurt of course, but the pain will be replaced with relief soon. After half a dozen deep tissue massage therapy sessions or after even less, the pain would be annihilated. That is why DTM is one of the most successful massage techniques that cure sciatic pain.

    2. Neuromuscular Therapy

    Neuromuscular therapy is the stimulation of the most sensitive points in the body. Else known as trigger points, these could both relieve and intensity pain at the same time. Pressuring trigger points can help to diffuse the pain throughout the body, and to finally dissolve it completely.

    3. Myofascial Release

    Myofascia is the surrounding tissue of a muscle. They are like chocolate coatings around candy. The myofascial consists of collagen and water, making it very sensitive and also easy to manipulate. The covering of a muscle can be targeted during the massage to improve motion and mobility of the overall muscle. How myofascial release helps in sciatic pain relief is that it eases up the muscle coverings around the tissue, so that the irritated nerve endings get relaxed. Myofascial therapy is very gentle. Performed by experienced massage therapists, this can be an effective treatment in curing sciatic pain.

    4. Sciatica Massage Therapy

    The aforesaid techniques to cure sciatic pain have been proved to give good results than oral medications. Sciatic pain is an easily curable condition, therefore easy curing techniques such as massaging are highly recommended as safe. Sciatic patients should consult a doctor prior to being treated. Find a registered massage therapy clinic, and they will most definitely sign you up for a few sessions of therapy per week, testing your progress while continuing. You will find the pain gradually subsiding. Sciatica massage therapy also releases feel-good hormones like endorphin and serotonin, helping to speed the process of healing. Massage therapy not only targets the sore sciatic nerve but also improves motion, movement, and mental relaxation at the same time. This process sets the patient’s mind to a relaxed state suitable for healing. Sciatica massage therapy is successful, but a patient has a role in making it effective too. Registered massage therapists would sometimes recommend certain exercises and activities to be done on your own. Posture correction would also be practiced, improving your movement, and avoiding future disorders.

    Sciatic pain can be very irritating, but correct diagnosis and treatment can cure it completely over time. Massage therapy works best for sciatic treatment because it is one of the mildest ways to manipulate nerve endings without harming or dislocating them with zero side effects. The only thing is to find a trustworthy massage therapy clinic in Surrey, operated by well-trained, registered massage therapists.

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