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    The kinesiologist in Surrey that will be appointed by us to work with you will do a great job in bringing you to a stage of optimum physical fitness. Our exceptional technological equipment will be beneficial in seeking modern and proven solutions to kinesiology for any medical complication.

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kinesiologist in surrey

Kinesiologist In Surrey

Kinesiology studies body movement scientifically. Kinesiology covers a wide area of subjects including but not limited to; strength and conditioning, sports psychology, physical and occupational therapy, biomechanics and orthopedics, and sport and exercise. The human movement is measured and evaluated through methods of electrophysiology of muscle and brain activity, motion tracking systems, a range of techniques for observing cognitive and behavioural function.

Studies of kinesiology are now offered worldwide as graduate programs, proving again and again how this method is being widely accepted and practiced. Exercise routines, physiotherapy, massage therapy, motor redundancy exercises and mobility development schemes are some of the many ways kinesiologists treat their patients.

As kinesiology is now established as a separate area of study that allows patients to be healed quickly and with zero side effects – Seva Wellness Clinic as a registered massage therapist Surrey has diverted its attention to this much-trusted field. After conducting a series of research, gaining years of training and employing experienced specialists in kinesiology, Seva Wellness Clinic began to function as a kinesiologist in Surrey that you can finally put complete faith upon.

Why Kinesiology?

  • Kinesiology in Surrey is one great way of improving physical mobility, posture, personal wellbeing and fitness in your body without exposing it to the risks imposed by oral medications and chemicals.
  • Kinesiology is one of the few ways to treat disabilities and physical injury that are beyond the capability of medicine, operations and ointments.
  • Working with a kinesiologist in Surrey will help rehabilitate any individual who has undergone injury to the point he/she is able to restore their physical capabilities and regain their strength to engage in daily work.
  • Kinesiology also provides enormous aid to athletes and sportspeople. Diagnosing and treating injury involves a comprehensive process of using kinesiology to improve mobility.
  • After a completed set of sessions with a kinesiologist in Surrey, you will be able to experience improved bodily function, optimized cognitive and psychological function, as well as overall development in health and fitness.
kinesiology surrey

Kinesiology by Seva Wellness Clinic

As a kinesiologist in Surrey that follows an ethical principle of proper diagnosis and safe treatments, Seva Wellness Clinic has been the trusted choice of many who sought services of kinesiology in the area. We are a registered massage therapist Surrey that provides services like physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture in addition to kinesiology. This proves our excellence as a registered massage therapist Surrey.

  • Seva Wellness Clinic is equipped with the latest technology and machinery to test, practice and evaluate its processes of kinesiology.
  • We are a kinesiologist in Surrey that has a team of expert professionals who were trained well to practice kinesiology in our clinic.
  • Seva Wellness is a registered massage therapist Surrey that diagnoses you accurately, runs necessary checkups and recommends kinesiology and treatments.
  • As a kinesiologist in Surrey that realizes the value of popularizing this successful method of healing, Seva Wellness Clinic offers the lowest prices for our kinesiology services to make them available to anyone and everyone.
  • Our kinesiology services in Surrey will address the deepest of your problems, and provide immense physical and psychological relief.

Price List of Treatments

  • Initial Consultation (1.5 hr session)
  • Subsequent (60 min session)
  • ICBC (60 min session)
  • Athletic Taping (10 minutes)

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Kinesiology treatments are sure to be given by an experienced registered massage therapist Surrey. Being one of the pioneers in kinesiology and therapy related to it, Seva Wellness Clinic has employees with years of experience in the field of kinesiology. Contact Seva Wellness Clinic today for an all-inclusive kinesiology treatment package that will bring out the best in you.

Why Choose Us?

As a professional kinesiologist in Surrey, Seva Wellness Clinic has a lot of unique qualities that invite clients to join without hesitation.

Healthy And Safe Kinesiology in Surrey

Seva Wellness clinic is a kinesiologist in Surrey that is fully insured and has legal authorization to perform services of kinesiology and massage therapy. Our expertise is hugely beneficial for you as it gives you the promise of safe kinesiology treatments in Surrey.

Affordable Prices For Kinesiology In Surrey

As a kinesiology service provider that gives the community its highest potential, Seva Wellness Clinic has perfectly affordable rates. You can always find a kinesiology treatment plan that goes by your preference, convenience and also your budget.

Best Kinesiology Team In Surrey

The kinesiologist in Surrey you will get will be one of the greatest assets we have at Seva Wellness Clinic. All the kinesiology therapists we have at Seva Wellness Clinic are qualified with a degree from an accepted university and practical experience in what they do.

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