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Shockwave Therapy at Seva Wellness Massage Therapy Surrey

For patients that have been suffering for years with chronic pain in their feet and ankles can be successfully treated using Shockwave Therapy. It is the latest high tech non-surgical equipment. This therapy delivers a radial shockwave through the surface of the skin to the injured tissue. It also provides pain relief for the patient. Visit Seva Wellness Massage therapy Surrey for shockwave treatment.


Having to take painkillers, wrap bandages, and spray aerosols every time you feel pain is a nuisance. With the advancement of science and technology, medicine does not necessarily have to be taken orally anymore. Instead of harassing and altering the body to heal, the latest science recommends milder manipulation and natural medication so that the body would heal itself. If you dwell in Surrey, fear no more about chronic pains because one simple treatment can take it all away. Shockwave therapy, despite what the word says, does not shock you. It is a novel yet very harmlessly effective way of treating a persistent injury, pain in muscles, pain in joints, or any pain resulted from illness. Shockwave therapy in Surrey is now made possible with the trusted shockwave treatment sessions we offer under entirely safe circumstances by the best shockwave therapists.


Shockwave therapy, else known as ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy) is a non-invasive (contained) therapeutic treatment that is generated by creating low energy acoustic wave pulsations through a gel medium to the affected area. The level of energy applied, the number of pulsations, and the frequency of the treatment depends on the condition of the patient. The energy waves manipulate the body muscles to reduce pain instantly and to improve mobility eventually. The main plus factors of this treatment are that it is non-surgical, non-invasive, and harmless. As experienced practitioners of Seva Wellness massage therapy Surrey, we introduce shockwave treatment sessions for your chronic, subchronic, and subacute conditions. Prior to sessions of shockwave therapy in Surrey, we subject you to careful tests so as to find out whether you really need a shockwave treatment or not. Massage therapy Surrey and shockwave treatments go hand in hand because of both talk of activating the natural healing power of the body instead of forcing medicine down on it.


Shockwave therapy Surrey is so popular for its miraculous response towards chronic conditions like tendinopathies that do not answer to any other medication. Shockwave treatments can heal conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles/calcific/patellar tendinopathies, tennis elbow, heel spurs, bursitis, shin splints, iliotibial band friction, lumbar and cervical pains, and muscle pains. In simpler English, shockwave treats your feet, elbow, knee, hip, leg, back, shoulder, and neck pains after scientifically diagnosing what you have.


Seva wellness Clinic follows three simple steps. The process starts and ends without painkillers or surgical.

Step 1: The patient is told to be still in a comfortable position to perform the shockwave therapy. The area that receives the shockwave treatment is marked.

Step 2: Application of a generous amount of gel to the area marked before.

Step 3: The Shockwave applicator is pressed gently against the area, and the start button is pressed to start the shockwave treatment. The shockwave therapy at Seva Wellness Clinic Surrey that we do lasts up to 5 minutes.

Shockwave Therapy


As a subset of physiotherapy and advanced massage therapy Surrey, our shockwave treatments are highly ensured and trusted to be safe. Nevertheless, before trying shockwave therapy in Surrey, there is a list of questions you would need to clarify for yourself.

  • What happens prior to shockwave therapy Surrey? – Your physiotherapist would check you first. If he recognizes you as a patient fit to receive shockwave therapy, he would advise you on how to face the shockwave treatment session. In addition to the shockwave treatment sessions: exercise routines, posture correction routines and mobility restoration routines that need to be followed along with shockwave therapy would be informed.
  • Does it hurt? – Since shockwaves are named after their jump change in pressure and high amplitude, the kinetic energy produced by the compressed air would pressurize your skin. This results in a mild but tolerable discomfort in the area that is treated during shockwave therapy. However, the specialty with or shockwave is that the level of the treatment’s intensity can be adjusted. Shockwave therapy Surrey lasts not more than 4-5 minutes – which is why the slight discomfort would end as soon as it starts.
  • How many shockwave treatments will you need? – As experts in ESWT and massage therapy Surrey, we usually recommend 3-4 shockwave treatment sessions done over a span of 3 weeks.
  • What would you feel after the treatment? – You would start to see positive results after the very first shockwave treatment itself. Alongside the positivity, you would also feel a mild soreness and discomfort in the area treated by shockwave therapy, which would yet subside in a matter of hours. Just like massage therapy Surrey, shockwave therapy also excites inflammatory responses. However, the slight discomfort is entirely bearable.
  • What should you do after the treatment? – Act as recommended by your therapist of Seva Wellness massage therapy Surrey. More often than not, immediate exhaustion of the treated area after the shockwave therapy is not allowed, though there is usually no hindrance to your regular physical activities.


Shockwave treatment involves no drugs, pills, painkillers, or sedatives. With regard to cost, shockwave, and massage therapy Surrey is very beneficial than expensive chemical drugs that sometimes give no results at all. Research proves that shockwave therapy could cure pains in the body that other medications fail to answer.

It is still important to consult a therapist or a doctor before shockwave treatments. Patients who are pregnant, patients with nerve and blood circulation disorders, open bruises, infections, tumors, and metabolic bone conditions should not be treated with shockwave therapy. As a medical institution that takes full responsibility for your safety: we pre-check our equipment, therapists, and most importantly, your medical condition before each shockwave treatment at Seva Wellness Clinic Surrey.

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