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Abilities and Approaches

Effleurages, petrissage, frictions, and tapotement are the four main parts that involve sports massage therapy.

Effleurage means

It is a French word that has the meaning of ” to touch lightly on.” It is a category of sports massage therapy that includes soothing techniques with the fingers sliding over the skin, and it is usually done in the starting and end, then, of course, during the other procedures in massage therapy. This type of soothing massage therapy techniques may cover pressure and speed in the opinion of purpose and the stage of the massage. Effleurage consists of light stroking, firm stroking, and deep stroking.

At the beginning of the sports massage therapy session, it should start with a light touch, which leads to a smooth, rhythmical, and relaxed manner and taking it up to deeper pressure with moderated movements for maximized circulations and extending of the tissues later. The hands should be comfortable and go along with the natural shape of the body. Using the sports massage therapy technique should not be in such a hurry because we need to identify and point on the irregularities in the tissue that may desire further observation later on periods. Fast movements may discourage the person who engages in this session and may directly affect the client’s relaxation. If a caring area is missed in this sports massage therapy session, it will be more hurtful when it is found in a later session, such as petrissage.

What does effleurage bring about?

  • The objectives of effleurage are to:
  • Bring about the touch to the client
  • Put the client at ease
  • Warmth the external tissues
  • Relax the muscles
  • Allow the person who engages in the session to palpate and feel the state of the tissue.
  • Brace the peripheral nerves
  • Support for the removal of waste products while increasing the lymph and blood flow
  • Stretch tissues
  • Client relaxation before the end of the session

sports massage therapy surreyPetrissage means

It is also a French word that brings the meaning of ” to knead.” The basic is to compress and release the soft tissue of the skin and muscles.

It is used to have a substantial effect on soft tissue than effleurage and other techniques.

What does petrissage bring about?

  • The objectives of the petrissage are to:
  • Incrimination of tissue interface mobility
  • Extend muscle fibers
  • Support to the interchange of tissue fluids
  • Incrimination of venous and lymphatic return
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Support for the removal of waste products.

What does Friction Mean in Effleurage 

Tiny strong movements given by the fingers to back and isolated areas of the body. Make use of considerable pressure than the other sports massage techniques described above.’ Cross fiber’,often applied close to the direction of the fiber. It must be used carefully only when the need appears because it is necessary to understand the damage caused to the tissues by using this massage therapy technique. We can get several advantages of Friction through the deep stroking rather than the nice contrast among those two applying less pressure, so no damage caused.

  • The purpose of Friction technique
  • The objectives of Friction are as below:
  • Separation of adhesions among fibers
  • Scar tissue breaking
  • Elasticity restoration
  • Vaso-dilation and blood flow stimulation
  • Stimulation of the healing process
  • Restore new scar tissues


It provides relaxation through one of the best massage therapy techniques called Hacking and Cupping. Hacking is done by striking alternatively from the lateral border of the last finger of both hands. When the other fingers are close together in this process, a typical sound is generated. It provides an easy way to prepare the muscles for exercise and also being away for pre-competition massage. Striking with hands by making an airtight concave shape is known as Cupping. It creates vibrations and impales the tissue. Surface tissue can move blood away from extensive tissue because of the vacuum created by this cupping process. Tapotement technique is rarely used while the above-described effleurage, petrissage, and Friction massage therapy techniques provide more benefits and the same effects. Also, it is more efficient to use those sports massage therapy techniques for clients’ body relaxation. So in the present, among the different types of massage therapy techniques, the tapotement massages are used on special occasions only.

For more details

To get more ideas about efficient sports massage techniques, you can visit our massage therapy clinic in Surrey. It will provide you with details about the fundamental concepts of the sports massage and also engage with some necessary hands-on skills. Seva Wellness clinic is specialized in providing sports massage therapy and has years of experience. Our sports massage therapists are well educated and trained to perform sports massage therapy to higher standards.

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