What Is A Holistic Nutritionist and Why Should I see One?

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is a natural approach to the overall health and wellness of a person. It incorporates evidence-based methods such as detoxification of the body, individualized meal plans (as opposed to a one size fits all diet such as the Canada Food Guide Diet), sleeping patterns and stress levels, diseases/chronic illnesses, allergies and food sensitivities, food relationships, and cultural foods. A holistic nutritionist is a person who is an expert in this area. In holistic nutrition, we believe that each body is unique and that creating a nutritional plan must take all the above into consideration. This ensures success for the client in increasing health, longevity, and/or weight loss. A holistic nutritionist is usually found working beside Naturopaths, Massage therapists, Allergists, Physiotherapists, Pain Management Specialists, and Weight Loss Clinics. Holistic nutritionists must be trained on many levels to be certified.

What training does a Holistic Nutritionist have?

Although Certified Holistic Nutritionists are not yet government regulated or covered by medical services, Holistic Nutritionists do attend colleges, studying nutritional sciences for anywhere from 2 + years. Holistic Nutritionists are held to a high level of academic training as well as hours of patient care. The title (CNP) is given to Certified Nutritional Practitioners with a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition. Usually attending the following colleges (in BC): Pacific Rim College of Alternative Medicine in Victoria, BC (Holistic Nutrition Program – 3 years comprehensive diploma often combined with Medical Phytotherapy) Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, BC The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC **Note: Always ask for the certification of your Holistic Nutritionist. Ensure they have received a diploma or certificate from a viable/registered college. Your health and wellness are important!

What does an appointment look like with a Holistic Nutritionist? Why is the first appointment so long?

Your first appointment with a Holistic Nutritionist will be between an hour to an hour and a half. During that time, we are assessing your health and putting together a puzzle piece of your medical history, important symptoms, sleep/stress issues, food cravings, and allergies food/ sensitivities. We will cover family history, lab reports, pharmaceuticals, supplements, food diaries, and talk about the goals you hope to achieve. We will take your blood pressure at the beginning and end of the consultation, check your tongue, eyes, and feel for your pulse. These will all be recorded. You will also be asked to fill out a symptoms sheet and an initial intake form. This way we can chart your progress and change your food along the way as needed. The more information you can provide us for that “health and wellness puzzle” the more we can help you succeed in your health goals!

Who can benefit from Holistic Nutrition and medical Phytotherapy?


A well trained Holistic Nutritionists can help you with several health issues including:

  • Digestive imbalances Diabetes and Blood Sugar Management
  • Food/Sugar Addiction Inflammatory Conditions
  • Acne/Eczema/Psoriasis/Rosacea Weakened Immune System
  • Depression/Mood/Happiness
  • Chronic pain/Arthritis
  • Allergies/Food Sensitivities
  • Disease Prevention
  • Hormone Issues/Menopause Low Energy
  • Weight loss

Why should I spend money on a Holistic Nutritionist?

I will answer that question this way. How much is your health worth to you? Daily we spend money on coffee, eating out, movies, hair/makeup, or clothes this adds up. But if you can learn how to eat for you, as a unique individual, you build a strong foundation. A foundation that brings balance and guards against disease. It has been said that all disease and chronic illness begins when the system becomes “unbalanced”. When we are not eating properly, not sleeping well, not exercising, and are constantly stressed, we expose the body to unwellness-disease. Nutrition is the foundation, yet we often don’t want to spend money on our health. You are important! Your body is important! Spending money on a Holistic Nutritionist will be an important part of your journey. You deserve to have a strong sturdy foundation! Just imagine what it would feel like to be at a healthy weight, have energy, and feel good again! How much is that worth?

By Lesley Baker…

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