Why Do We Need Physiotherapy ?

What is Physiotherapy?

The only way to fight your fear to face them. Physical injuries and diseases need to be fought the same way as well because it is entirely the collaboration of your mind and body that will heal you. It is a reason why we need physiotherapy because it is one of the most effective methods of spiritual and physical healing, which gives you better mobility, higher tolerance, and a host of other health benefits that no pills can give. Physiotherapy utilizes the great methods of heat therapy, electrotherapy, massaging, exercising, productive health habits, education, and health advice to get the patient out of the defective grip of physical injury.

If you are a resident in Surrey, you might already have heard that Surrey physiotherapists are popular for giving patients great therapeutic treatments. There is absolutely no restriction of age for getting physiotherapy in Surrey. All you have to worry about is consulting the ideal physiotherapist with an authorized license and a reputed clinic.

Uses of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Surrey offers a lot of health benefits wrapped in friendly, positive care. Unlike other medication that forces the patient to undergo painful surgery and to swallow pills that come with a bunch of side effects, physiotherapy is a constant friendly treating method that involves the patient’s effort, attention and progress. Surrey physiotherapists can tackle the major issues patients have by discussing possible medication with them and suggesting exercises to be done as homework. One session of physiotherapy comes packed with therapeutic treatments like massage and electrotherapy along with strong emotional support and health advice.

Physiotherapy in Surrey ensures a lot of important benefits that are directly related to your health and fitness.

  • Improves mobility
  • Increases proper functioning of muscles and joints
  • Builds confidence
  • Posture correction
  • Improves self-healing through exercise and food habits
  • Improves blood circulation in the areas affected
  • Relaxation of muscle strains and spasms
  • Relief from pain

When can Physiotherapy be used?


Orthopedic physiotherapists in Surrey specialize in treating the aftermath of traumatic conditions. Back pain, muscle pain, fractures, and sprains are treated using several techniques like acupuncture and electrotherapy. Even after a severe bone dislocation, Surrey physiotherapists can utilize their treatment to gradually restore the strength and mobility of the injured area.

Respiratory conditions and cardiac conditions

These are two of the health conditions that everyone takes seriously because they ARE serious. If untreated, respiratory, and cardiac conditions can lead to perpetual damage. Here is another essential reason why do we need physiotherapy. Diseases such as chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive airway disease can be effectively treated by physiotherapy Surrey. Several respiratory and cardiac conditions worsen when the patients are used to harmful habits like smoking, do not get enough exercise, and engage in traumatic physical activity. Surrey physiotherapists will advise them, guide them, and supervise them in the correct process of quitting smoking and engaging in productive physical activity.

Neurological Conditions

There is a commonly held misconception that neurological conditions cannot be cured. Physiotherapy in Surrey will prove this wrong. Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury, and palsy can be treated effectively if you hire the correct physiotherapist and follow the advice accurately. Rehabilitation through physiotherapy is easy if you are directed to the correct practitioners who will recommend the best mechanical aids that exist.

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Geriatric Conditions

Growing old is not a piece of cake, but several conditions that come with old age can be treated through physiotherapy. This is a reason that explains why elderly people need physiotherapy. Arthritis, osteoporosis, and joint replacements are some of the geriatric conditions that can be addressed successfully.

Childhood Disorders

Muscular dystrophy is one of the most common childhood health conditions. Children with muscular dystrophy lack muscle strength and this is why we need physiotherapy because it restores the strength. Surrey physiotherapists are also able to deal with difficulties in walking and moving as well as cases of hyperactivity.

Sports Injuries

Proper counseling, guidance, and medical treatment are essential for a person who has just undergone a sports injury or trying to recover from one. Physiotherapy in Surrey guarantees a complete diagnosis of the injury along with a series of treatments that will help the patient to feel better. Some sports injuries can get out of hand because of wrong postural habits, movements, and activities – which is why all the patients need physiotherapy to restore strength and improve mobility.


Physiotherapy is already proven to be one of the most effective medical treatments of all time. When you are choosing a physiotherapist, make sure you are one hundred percent positive about your choice. Physiotherapy comes with a lot of mental and physical health benefits. Investing in physiotherapy must never be seen as an expense because the fruition of correct physiotherapeutic techniques will prove to be priceless. Surrey physiotherapists with a valid license and years of practice can not only heal your injury but also improve your living standards from a great deal.

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